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How to Start Your Weight Loss Journey?

Whenever you try to lose weight, the first question which comes to your mind is How?. Right?

You tried fad diets, forced yourself to get up early in the morning and go for a walk or a jog.
You took that gym membership but never ended up using it.

After every new year celebration, you make a resolution of becoming healthy, but it never happens.
You keep gaining extra kilos year after year and that dream of becoming fit, remains as a dream.

It’s not just you who are facing this issue.
There are tons of people in the world who are going through the same problem.
first, they become overweight then they become obese.

Here is the recent research published on obesity in India.

Now, you must be thinking, I know all this.
Why are you telling me these things again?
No, I am not here to just introduce you to the problem and go.
I am here to help you!

After losing 20 Kilos, self-educating myself about exercise and nutrition for around 2 years, I am here to help you with an answer.

To lose weight and to become healthy, you need to follow these 6 steps:

1. Choose your Why?

The first thing which is very important in anything that you do is choosing your why.
Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to be fit and healthy?
This reason can be anything.
It can be, you want to look good in clothes or you want to play with your kids the way you used to play before or you want to impress girls. It can be anything.
This reason should be strong enough to hold you on this journey of becoming fit.

2. Choose How?
You need to figure out how you are going to start this journey.
You can start running, you can start going Gym, you can learn some dance form which you always wanted to learn, you can learn any martial art form, you can learn yoga, etc, etc.
It is totally up to you, what you want to select and what you enjoy doing.

3. Choose How often?

After selecting how now it is time to select how often you can do this?
If it’s possible, you do it every day. If you cannot take out the time every day, you can do it thrice a week, twice a week. It depends on you, but make sure you show up on the days that you have selected for yourself.

4. Clean your diet

Diet is the most important thing when it comes to weight loss or fat loss.
You know deep down within you what food is good for you and what is not.
Start making healthier choices in your daily routine.

Start with small changes

Start having whole wheat or whole grain bread instead of sugary biscuits for breakfast.
Start eating Upma or Poha or Idli or Vada or Dosa or Oats for breakfast or for an evening snack.

Avoid juices, sugary drinks, sugary cereals, white bread.

Start having 1 teaspoon of sugar in your chai instead of 2 teaspoons.

Reduce your frequency of ordering from online food delivery apps as you are not sure of what kind of oil and substances they put while cooking your food.

Start carrying home-cooked food to your office, college.
Eliminate junk food completely from your diet. If you can’t eliminate it completely, eat once a week.

Control your cravings (This is where your why will help you)

5. Keep a track of your progress

Try keeping a track of your progress.

If you can keep a track of your weight on a weekly basis, that will be great.
You can compare the weight of the first week of the second week.
Though, tracking your weight is not the best way of tracking progress as your weight includes your water weight, muscle mass, and fat mass.
however, for a beginner, it will help.

Another option is using your mirror. You can click a picture of yours every day and after a week or two, you can compare it and see the progress. Don’t compare your first-week picture with the second-week picture as to when you start exercising newly, it takes a while to see results that can be visible to naked eyes.
It will at least take three to four weeks to see good results.

6. Take help from professionals if you need

You can take the help of the following professionals:

Nutritionist- If you don’t want to go through the pain of making healthier food choices by yourself or not sure of what to eat and how much to eat, you can consult a nutritionist.
A nutritionist will take care of what food you are allergic to, what you like to eat. He/She will also take into consideration the medical problems(if you have any) and accordingly prepare a diet plan

Personal Trainer- if you have joined a gym for the first time and not sure of what exercises to do, you can consult a personal trainer.
A personal trainer will help you in designing your exercise program, teaching you the correct form and technique of the exercise. He/She will also motivate you when you don’t feel like working out or doing that extra rep in the gym.

These are the six steps that I followed while starting my own weight loss.
You can follow these six steps and kickstart your journey too.

I hope I was able to help you to take that first step towards being your healthier version.
If you have any doubts or suggestions, you can put it in the comments below.

Thank you & Have a great day ahead!

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