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How to Lose Weight Fast?

You want it badly, don’t you?

You want to shred off that fat as quickly as possible.
You are tired of sucking that belly in while clicking photographs with friends or family.
You look at your old clothes and wish if you could wear them again since they do not fit you anymore.
If the lift of your building stops working, you get pissed off as you have to climb those stairs.

I know you want to change, you want to become fit again…
You know that burger or samosa or sandwich which you are eating right now is not good for you, but you can’t help it. This has become a routine in your day to day life.

As you are getting closer to your career goals, you are drifting away from your health.
Because of workload, often you skip your meals.
You skip your breakfast (the most important meal of the day) telling yourself that you will have your lunch on time.
Then, even you forget to have your lunch on time and eat it by 3 or 4 PM.

I know you are about to give the most famous excuse, I don’t have time for all this.
Who will handle my work, who will take care of my family responsibilities if I start doing all this?

You know you want to change, but you are waiting for your doctor to give that ultimatum.
Then, you will start looking for quick fixes on the internet or start asking your friends and family about how to reduce this belly fat.

I have one answer to all your questions.

I will explain in detail why you should not look for a quick fix.

You must have heard this from your elders that what comes easy goes easy.
Unfortunately, it is true in weight loss as well.
Let’s say, you followed some fad diet and lost five kilos in one week.
But what you don’t know is most of the weight you lost is water weight which you will gain back once you come on a normal diet.
It will again hamper your confidence and you will never try losing that weight again.

Have you ever asked this question to you, why do you want to lose weight quickly?
If not, now is the right time.

We all want instant results, instant fix to the problem, instant gratification.
Why have we become like this?
The instant text that you receive from your friend when you feel lonely, the instant likes that you get when you upload your photo on these social media platforms, the instant message you receive from your friends when you remove your DP from these social media platforms.
Are these things causing this instant want in you?

Here is one more example so that it becomes clear to you that fast weight loss is not an option.
Think of this, did you gain all this weight in a week or in a month or two months?
No, right?
Then, is this sense to lose this weight in one week or a month?
Think about it and answer to yourself.

What should you do then?

Here is what you should be doing,

Forget about losing fat quickly and start enjoying the process.
Now you must be thinking, Prasad are you telling me to enjoy running on a treadmill for hours, are you telling me to enjoy that one hour sweaty training in the gym.

No. I am not asking you to do anything against your will.
I am just telling you to take on that one activity which you enjoy and do it every day for thirty minutes or for an hour.
Then, may it be dancing, cricket, tennis, any sport or cycling swimming, any martial art, Zumba anything.
You just pick that one activity and get that butt off the ground.

As I mentioned earlier in the blog, in faster weight loss, you tend to lose water weight than the actual fat. Once you go off the diet you gain all that weight back.
Instead, you should focus on getting on the diet which you can take for the rest of your life.
Such a diet should help you to learn good long term eating habits.

How can you get on such a diet?
You need to start educating yourself about what food is right for you and what is not.
You should start reading some books on nutrition and get knowledge.
If you can’t do that, take help from a professional.
You can consult a nutritionist for some time and then you will build a habit of making healthy choices.

I hope you will not fall prey to such fad diets gain and start looking for a fast weight loss solution on the internet.

If I can have patience and lose twenty kilos in two years, I am sure you can have some patience too to transform yourself.

Finally, I will leave you on this note,
Stop looking for quick fixes, build patience and remember,

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