How To Make Your Own Diet Plan in Just 30 Minutes

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, you need to consider three important factors which are Good Exercise, Healthy Diet and Proper Rest.

If you miss even one of these factors, your progress can be hindered.
While focussing on your exercise and sleep, you need to pay extra focus on your diet because a good diet plays a crucial role in taking your fitness on another level.

When it comes to diet, the simple rule is, if you want to lose weight you need to eat a little fewer calories and if you want to gain weight you need to eat little extra calories.

Now, the question is how many calories less or extra?

If you can put 30 minutes, I can show how you can make your own customized diet plan without any professional help.

I am using Harris-Benedict Formula and some basic calorie calculation methods to explain how you can calculate your calories as per your fitness goal (weight loss or weight gain).

I have given all this information in my e-book which is completely free.
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