About Me

Hey there! I am Prasad Shinde, a Mumbaikar(native or inhabitant of the city of Mumbai).

Welcome to my website!
I am glad that you checked out my About page.
I am a passionate health and wellness content creator.
I will try my best to share my expertise and insights on health & wellness.

I am sure you will have some questions for me, I will try to answer some of them here:

Why have I started this website?
I wanted to share all my knowledge regarding health & wellness which I gained through self-learning and experiences.
I was looking for a medium. So, I decided to start this website.

Why website name prasspire?
prasspire stands for prasad+Inspire.
I am here to inspire you to take the first step towards a fit life.
That is why I decided to name this website as prasspire.

What do I want to achieve with this website?
I want to spread awareness of how important health & wellness is in our life.
If I can bring even a small change to people’s lives with my efforts, my goal is achieved.

Why should you listen to me?, What experience do I have and how will it help you?
As I said earlier, in my initial days while going through my own transformation, I started self-learning about health and fitness.
Later on, I worked for some time as a gym trainer in a well-known gym in Mumbai.
I think, now you can trust me a little more and the content that I put.

Now, I will share a brief on my transformation journey to inspire you!
So that you can join me in transforming yourself:

How it all started??
In late 2016, I was working for an MNC where I had just got placed.
I used to weight around 90 KGs at that time.
There was a health check-up camp going on that day in the office. I thought, let’s register for a check-up and see what my body says about me.
After looking at the reports, I was shocked…
My cholesterol level was 220 mg/dL,
My BMI was saying that I am an obese individual,
My heart age was 47 years (I was 22 at that time).

The numbers from the reports were so disturbing that I could not believe them.
That moment changed my life.
Sometimes, you just need one moment to realize that you have to change otherwise it will be too late.
From the next day onwards, I started my journey towards being healthier.
I started with small changes in my diet and started exercising.
Post that I started educating myself on fitness, exercise routines, weight training, basic nutrition, etc. I did certification on strength and conditioning and the journey is still on.

My transformation is not done yet, there is more to come…
This is the picture of my first transformation:

So, Let’s start the journey with me and become the stronger version of yourself!